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Cargo Insurance


Inland Transit Insurance Covers:

  • General Average

  • Fire or explosion

  • Theft

  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance

  • Collision or contact of vessel, craft or conveyance with any external object other than water

  • Jettison

  • ...and more!




Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance Covers


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You should really consider

Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance if you are:

  • Manufacturer

  • Trading Company

  • Importer

  • Exporter

  • Online Shop

  • Freight Forwarder

Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance is for

Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance

Cargo Insurance

You knew there was a risk when your cargo left your factory.
You watched the news about jettison of cargo container during storm, ships capsizing due to bad weather or human error, and hijacking of container vessels.

Sometimes, the loss is not as dramatic but equally damaging – cargo got damaged during transit, during loading and unloading, the container that was defecting causing nature element to damage the goods.

Cargo risk does not just hurt your profit margin. If you were depending on this shipment to generate cash flow, cargo risk like this can sink your company. With so much at stake, who can help you to manage your risk?


Grand Trust Underwriters’ Cargo Insurance is here to help.

Since 1976, Grand Trust Underwriters had been one of the market leaders in providing cargo insurance coverage to clients in Hong Kong.

We represent two of the world’s largest insurers: AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited and CHUBB Insurance Limited.  With their vast global network of operations over 160 countries and jurisdiction, we can provide you with the speediest loss adjusting service and specialist support. Our cargo insurance for Hong Kong-based organisations is second to none in terms of prompt administration, processing and communication.


Inland Transit Insurance

Other than Air or Ocean, your shipment will be travelling over land as well. Inland Transit Insurance is designed to cover this risk.

Whether they are on the way to the ports or being delivered to a specific destination. Accidents, derailment, natural hazards, robbery, theft – all are the common risk when your goods are in transit. Any loss incurred will cause financial stress to your company, sometimes to a devastating result.

This is where  Inland Transit Insurance comes in. Our extensive coverage can be tailored to different options and quotation based on your needs.

Coverage for Inland Transit Insurance will begin from the time the goods leave the covered location for the commencement of the transit and continue during the ordinary course of transit, including customary transshipment.

To get a quotation on Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance from us, please fill out the application or contact us for details.


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Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance

Why need Cargo Insurance & Inland Transit Insurance



What is Institute Cargo Clause

( I.C.C. ) 

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