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 Public Offering of Securities Insurance covers:

  • Multi year coverage

  • Additional limits cover for non-indemnifiable  loss to non-executive or independent directors.

  • Offering delay or cancellation costs

  • Public relations expenses

  • Liabilities relating to a prospectus/listing particulars.

  • Liabilities arising from statements or information provided in connection with the offering including statements made in any road shows.

  • Data protection and privacy breach

  • Defense cost

  • Investigation expenses

  • Emergency expenses

  • Crisis cost

  • Civil fines and penalties

  • ... and much more




What is Public Offering of Securities Insurance


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You really should consider

 Public Offering of Securities Insurance

if you are a :

  • Director

  • Employee

  • Underwriters

  • Selling shareholders

  • Controlling shareholders

  • Any parties that are responsible for the accuracy of the prospectus/listing particulars.

Who need Public Offering of Securities Insurance

 Public Offering of Securities Insurance

Raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO), or secondary listing, brings about concentrated and significant risk exposure to a company.

It opens up potential liabilities by regulators and Securities legislation for any misrepresentation or misleading statements made in an offering prospectus or at a listing roadshow.


Anyone responsible, as well as the company and its directors, may face civil and criminal liabilities if the prospectus is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;  especially if they can’t prove that proper care was taken preparing it. 


Public Offering of Securities Insurance offers multiyear coverage. It help protects the people responsible for prospectuses up to the statute of limitations in the jurisdiction. 

But perhaps the most important reason to purchase Public Offering of Securities Insurance is that it allows companies to ring-fence prospectus liability by dovetailing with Directors & Officers Liability Insurance to ensure that there are no gaps between the products. 


To learn more about the Public Offering of Securities Insurance coverage, how it can help protect you or to get a quotation, please contact us.


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 Public Offering

of Securities Insurance

Why need Public Offering of Securities Insurance


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 Public Offering of Securities Insurance

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