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Product Liability



Who should apply for Product Liability Insurance?

Any company that sells a product, whether you are a manufacturer, trading company, exporter, importer or retailer should purchase a Product Liability Insurance since they are legally liability to the product they sell.

Will my clients accept the policy that your company help issued?

YES! We specialized in Product Liability Insurance! We are the agent for ACE Insurance Ltd and AIG Insurance Hong Kong Ltd. Both are the largest insurance companies in the world. Their policy is accepted by all the major brands and retailers.

Can Product Liability Insurance offer Worldwide coverage?

Yes. We can tailor to yours needs and can offer country or worldwide coverage.


How long have your company been in business?

Grand Trust Underwriters is my family business and we were established in 1976. Our insurance professionals each have more then 20 years of experience. You are in very good hand with us.

You claim you specialize in Product Liability Insurance, how can I trust you?

You have no need to trust me in blind faith. Give me a call and I can proof to you.

I heard about all those insurance brokers who took the premium from the client but never give to the insurance company! The insurance policy becomes void! What is an insurance agent like Grand Trust different from them?

Agent is very different from a broker. In a nut shell, Broker represent you and search for insurance company to place the insurance. Since they have no ties with the insurance company, if the broker decide to take your money and run, the insurance company really have no liability since they never receive the money. An agent like us, we represent the insurance companies. Once you paid us and we issue a receipt, it is as if the insurance company had received the payment. The insurance company is bound by law to honor the policy.

Once we had confirm the quotation, how soon can I received the certificates of insurance?

The certificate can be really within 1 business day after you paid the premium.



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Product Liability?

Product Liability Insurance

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