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When a smoke-less grill caught fire, will there be smoke?

CPSC just announced a volunteer recall of the a TUFF Smoke-Less Grill due to fire and burn hazards. You can check out the full details here:

Tekno Products Recalls Tuff Smoke-Less Grills Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

Apparently, there 12 reports of the grill overheating, including five reports of fire resulting in property damage and a report of a minor burn injury.

As you can imagine, there will be a lot of legal consequence for all that had happened. If you are the one who are selling the product, what can you do to product yourself? You will be protected if you had purchased Product Liability Insurance.

Product Liability Insurance covers a company’s legal liability if their product caused Bodily Injury or Property damages. Product Liability Insurance not only help you with the indemnity to the claimant(s), it will also help you with the legal cost. In fact, our Product Liability Insurance normally will take over the case from the moment you hand in a claim, this will ease your Bundren of taking care of the lawsuit yourself.

To learn more about Product Liability Insurance and how the coverage of Product Liability Insurance can benefit you, please go to the web-page

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