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Life Science Liability Insurance covers:

  • General Liability

    • Occurrence trigger for Premises/Operations

    • Claims-made trigger for Products Hazard Liability

  • Advertising Injury & Personal Injury

  • Defence Cost and Investigation Expense

  • Errors & Omissions Coverage

  • Human Clinical Trail

  • Insured extend to cover Human Clinical Trial Contractor, Product Sales Contractors, Product Service Contractors and Vendors




What is Life Science


is this 


You really should consider

Life Science Liability Insurance

if you are a

Manufacturer or Suppliers of:

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • ​Medical Devices

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Healthcare Product Development

Who need Life Science

Life Science Liability Insurance 

Human life expectancy is getting longer. According to HK government’s Census and Statistics Department. 60% of the elderly people now aged 65 are expected to live to the age of 85 or above . 40% of them are expected to reach the age of  90. Our elderly population in 2014 has risen to 2.58 million!


This means there is a great demand on medication, health care product and medical services.


In the world of life science business, each company strive to be unique. As most of you are researching, developing, and testing something that one day will became a new product that benefits the world.  You are in a race to push the new product out in order to dominate the market.


However, since you are developing something new, you might not be fully aware of the downside of the product.


No matter how good your R&D was, a single isolated event or unforeseen allergic reactions can bring your company to financial ruin.


The legal liability and defense cost will can easily bring down a company.


You will need an insurance agent that understand the your risk.


Our Life Sciences Liability Insurance from CHUBB Insurance Hong Kong Limited offers specialize insurance that provides  comprehensive coverage and risk management solutions to protect your company in all stages of the product life cycle.

Contact us today to learn more on how we can protect you.


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Life Science Liability Insurance

Why need Life Science


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Life Science Liability Insurance

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