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Forwarder Liability Insurance Covers:

  • Liability for damage to cargo

  • General Average or Salvage contribution

  • Liability for Errors & Omissions and Fines & Duty to customs authority

  • Liability towards third party and the related:

    • Legal expenses / Mitigation cost / Debris removal cost

  • Uncollected cargo Cost

  • ...and more!




Forwarder Liability Insurance Covers


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You should really consider

Forwarder Liability Insurance

if you are:

  • Air / Sea / Land freight and logistics operator

  • Road Carriers

  • Warehouse Keepers

  • Customs House Brokers

Forwarder Liability Insuranceis for

Forwarder Liability Insurance

The logistics industry is a highly mature market in Hong Kong. Operators use various operating models and scales, ranging from local to multinational air, sea or land transportation, godown, container depot or quay operation etc.


While operators are pumping in resources and attention to develop their business, they are at the same time exposed to numerous risks embedded specifically in such trade, which may erode any reward one may have accomplished.

Risk Exposures of Forwarders will included:
Liability for loss of or damage to cargo.
Liability for errors & omissions and fines & duty to customs authority.
Liability to loss of or damage to third party property and bodily injuries.

To mitigate such risks, Grand Trust Underwriters, together with AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“AIG”), provides freight forwarder liability insurance policy options. Each one is a total solution with the objective to afford the industry growing in a worry free operational environment.

A freight forwarder liability insurance policy indemnifies you against legal liability under the following scopes of laws and regulations:

Contractual Liability under: – Bill of Lading – Airway Bill – Standard Trading Conditions – Bespoke Contracts
Legal Liability under: – International Conventions – Mandatory Maritime and Transport Laws

Grand Trust Underwriters can help tailor the forwarder liability insurance to fit your company’s special needs. To learn more on how we can help or get a quotation, please feel free to contact us.


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Forwarder Liability 


Why need Forwarder Liability Insurance





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