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Association Liability Insurance covers:

  • Entity cover, personal cover and employment practice Liability

  • Civil Liability policy form

  • Broad definition of INSURED including but not limited to Volunteers

  • Advancement of defense cost

  • Vicarious Liability coverage for consultants, contractors, subcontractors and agents

  • Legal representation expenses coverage

  • ... and much more




What is Association Liability Insurance


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You really should consider

Association Liability Insurance

if you are a :

  • Director

  • Principal

  • Employee

Who need Association Liability Insurance

Association Liability Insurance 

Liability for Director or Office does not discriminate.


Even for the directors and officers working in a Non Profit Organization - be it an Association or NGO, one can be personally sued by employees, vendors, member, volunteer, sponsors or other parties, for actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing the organization.


For a lot of Association and  NGO, it will hard to find someone to sit on their board, especially because those sits on the board are usually on volunteer bases. That’s why Association NGO needs Association Liability Insurance to cover their board and key members.


Having Association Liability Insurance can avoid placing the associations own assets and their employees personal assets at risk.


It will give any current or future directors the peace of mind. It will help attract the person the organization desired to join the organization.

For a very reasonable premium, Grand Trust Underwriters can help tailor the Association Liability Insurance to fit your organization’s special needs. We can help protect directors and officers against their liability


.To learn more about our Association Liability Insurance and how it can safeguard your organization, please feel free to contact us.




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Association  Liability Insurance

Why need Association Liability Insurance


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Association Liability Insurance

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